The red analog

The red analog
phone sits unplugged; it’s silent
bell my mind recalls.


The Beginning of Autumn

The beginning of autumn:
A lamp from some-one’s house is seen;
It is not quite dark.


I read this haiku translation from Japanese and wondered if I would like it better in a modernized 5-7-5 format like this:

The start of autumn:
A lamp from a house is seen;
It is not quite dark.


I’m not sure I have a strong preference to be honest, but it was a fun exercise.

Haiku and microblog

I was challenged Friday by author George Couros to get back into my old habits and build some new ones. Microblogging here about my various interests. Tweeting maybe?

I use Instagram for photo and video now but not daily. Going to try to get some daily or at least 2-3 times a week habits on these platforms. I am fluent in all of these various abilities but I just don’t use them often. Here is an image he used:

Also, with some reflection, I’ve faced up to the fact that I’ve not been blogging about poetry like I had planned when starting this blog. I think I will look into doing some Haiku, in an effort to force myself into a smaller faster format that I am more likely to pick up and develop a habit with.

September Update

The past three months have been the busiest in my life. I am seeing major success at school with my updates in the science classroom. I’m pushing the envelope with technology integration and piloting a bunch of new technologies in preparation for a one to one initiative the next school year. Next week should see a new chromebook cart arriving with five different convertible models to choose from and put their their paces for the selection process this December. Fun times, but super draining on my mental energy.

I have definitely cemented watercolor painting in the mixed media urban sketching style as a new hobby. I have a large collection of paints and have developed what you might call a passion for color and pigments and I think the watercolor medium is excellent for showcasing these pigments due to their transparency as opposed to most other media which are generally opaque in nature. I think I’ll start putting some watercolor content up on this blog soon.

That reminds me… I’ve been thinking about blogging every week for months now but have hit a time issue and energy issue. Also, as far as content, I was really hoping to focus on poetry and bible study when I deleted my old biblioblog and created this one. Due to my varied interests I think I’ll need to just post whatever is on my mind. I don’t think I’ll be writing my own poetry any time soon but I can go back to posting poetry that I find and that I enjoy. Same with scriptures; I can post things that stand out to me.

However, I think I’ll add in art content and technology and other things I find interesting. I definitely am learning a lot of new things in the fields of psychology, mental health, as well as in the education technology areas. So, I’m hoping to just start creating here again. I’m also hoping to get more active in Instagram, which is a great art format. I’ve been seriously thinking about upgrading to an iPhone SE to get a better camera but keep the small form factor of my 5S which I love.

Speaking of Apple products. I am also using an iMac for the first time. I have some high flyer students who I really pushed earlier this week to try some new things in class. They came back with a request for a video camera, lapel mic, green screen and computer with iMovie so they could write and film some video content for our current lesson. I’ve spent the past week assembling such from misc. resources in our school and they filmed their footage Thursday. Monday starts the editing process. I have one of the two iMacs updating to High Sierra, and the other is already in use. More soon on that front.

Finally, I’ve been back to game mastering table top role playing games, mostly D&D 5e right now. I am running two campaigns, a Tuesday/Thursday after school group is running through Tomb of Annihilation. I have a former student playing four PCs in Curse of Strahd on Friday nights, who is also thinking about taking up the DM wand for the first time; and I would switch roles and play a different party of four PCs. Anyways, lots going on and I anticipate becoming more active in October as I settle back into a routine now that school is back into full swing.