Testing Image Hosting Apps

I have limited storage via WordPress. I used to use Flickr in the past for image storing but it isn’t working well for mobile blogging. Trying out Google Photo now. Next test will be Amazon Prime Photo if this doesn’t work either. 


Memorial Day Park and Gardens Family Picnic

Our family went to a park for a picnic yesterday. I took the opportunity to sketch a bit. Besides the park is a garden with a center that has art displayed. This time it was some oil paintings. 

There is also a butterfly house which provided my final sketches for this journal. Have filled my first one and starting on another.  The practice of daily sketching and painting is already surprising me at how quickly I am able to refine my skills. 

Liberal Arts Challenge

On Thursday I had five of my six classes do a challenge for their bell ringer activity. The idea was for them to go online on a chromebook and do a search for a picture, painting, poem, song lyric, etc. over our topic for that hour. Between the five classes, the learning targets for yesterday were tornadoes, genetics, and muscles (anatomy). As an alternative, I also told students that they could make their own image or write their own poem or song. Continue reading “Liberal Arts Challenge”