The Arts

I’ve spent the last seven months or so exploring watercolor. This month I’ve branched out into gouache as well (an opaque watercolor medium). I have always enjoyed drawing in pencil, and have tried drawing in ink once more. I’ve even revisited chalk pastels but didn’t enjoy them at the time, and I’ve toyed with the idea of other paint mediums, mainly acrylic and oil.

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Lewis And Clark Trail

We took a trip to South Dakota for Easter to visit family. Had a great time and read some poetry and started making some artistic photos on my iPhone. Here are some of my favorites from the morning trail walks we took in Pierre. 

Easter Photos

Last night my wife and I went through the Easter photos and placed an order online. I took a family photo, as well as group shots of the kids and individual photos. I miss my photography hobby and will have to make a better effort to get more into it and into drawing as well. Sigh, so little time to pursue things. My wife also mentioned I should consider taking senior photos of my twins, so that will probably be my next project. Just need to think of some fun places for photo shoots.

Polarr Photo Editor

My last post was about using Edmodo in my classroom. I am an amateur photographer and host a photography club for my school, though right now participation is extremely low. In any case, I have several DSLRs and various lenses that I can use in my classroom and for the club. I took some images of student work and students in action doing labs and working on poster activities today. Continue reading “Polarr Photo Editor”