The Arts

I’ve spent the last seven months or so exploring watercolor. This month I’ve branched out into gouache as well (an opaque watercolor medium). I have always enjoyed drawing in pencil, and have tried drawing in ink once more. I’ve even revisited chalk pastels but didn’t enjoy them at the time, and I’ve toyed with the idea of other paint mediums, mainly acrylic and oil.

Two years ago I deleted my first blog of ten years Continue reading “The Arts”


New Years Thoughts

I’ve been doing a couple weeks of reflection on my use of social media. Should I keep blogging? Should I start a YouTube channel?

For now I plan to focus on my own practice and not to focus on sharing unless I have time. What this looks like for 2018 is:

  • Return to my Whole Foods plant based (WFPB) diet.
  • Return to daily walking exercise habit.
  • Return to daily Bible reading and prayer time.
  • New daily art goal (draw and/or paint).
  • New poetry goals; read/write/post haiku or other poetry.
  • New weekly urban sketch journal trip or fine art painting.
  • Renew my passport…

Illinois Trip

Just arrived home last night and have been unpacking and working all day. Finally have a moment to breathe. 

As a consequence of my experiences this weekend I’ve set a goal to reestablish a quiet time to meditate, reflect, pray and read. Hopefully it will happen in the mornings. 

On our trip we helped with a community event and painted a garage for a widow. It was exhausting but very fun. Helping people is so intrinsically rewarding. 

I was also able to deepen relationships with my friends and church family. Glad to be home with my own family but the nostalgia for an amazing experience has already set in. 

Memorial Day Park and Gardens Family Picnic

Our family went to a park for a picnic yesterday. I took the opportunity to sketch a bit. Besides the park is a garden with a center that has art displayed. This time it was some oil paintings. 

There is also a butterfly house which provided my final sketches for this journal. Have filled my first one and starting on another.  The practice of daily sketching and painting is already surprising me at how quickly I am able to refine my skills. 


Enjoying a morning coffee and contemplating the summer. I’m trying to establish new habits still. Must be a life long thing; to make and maintain healthy habits. 

I really wanted to start blogging again last year and it has been quite a challenge to do so. I am going to try again. I’m actually starting to use my iPhone regularly and that should help. 

Will make some posts this week. Sort of a clearing of a back log in my mind of topics I want to post. So here is to new habits. I’m anxious to get things off my mind and I have always enjoyed blogging for that reason.