Fasting for the First Time

For my entire life I have known about the spiritual practice of fasting. I have fasted partially a few times before but I don’t recollect doing a 24 hour fast like this before now. 

We are taking a group from our church on a local missions trip to help out a church in Illinois. We will be gone for four days and I am really excited to be stretched and to spend time being challenged and forming relationships with people. And helping is always fun. 

Mark challenged the group to take a day to fast from food and devote that time to extra prayer and bible reading. I’ve been able to do that today and it has been very rewarding. I also felt freed up to spend more time with my kids and get some household chores done to help my wife. 

The day isn’t even over yet and I am already thinking about making this a weekly or monthly practice. Perhaps just when I feel really compelled.  Not sure, but it has been enlightening and I feel a small sense of accomplishment at this minor meal sacrificed for a spiritual goal. 


Lunch Medley

Went for a variety of things today, notably skipping rice with the curry and instead adding quinoa. I usually have white rice with my curried lentils, and had some brown leftover in the fridge. However, my desire to make some quinoa put that plan on hold until tomorrow and after some other additions, I ended up with a strange mix of food. The whole wheat pitas have store bought hummus and a topping of oregano, turmeric, marjoram and ground flaxseed.

Beets w/ basil & balsam vin, pita w/ hummus, orange, quinoa, lentil curry & veg, chardonnay

Oatmeal & Fruit

I have been eating bran cereal for about a month or two for breakfast, usually with raisins. I recently switched to almond milk and dropped the raisins. Today I went for a bit of oatmeal instead, which will be a returning favorite from last year:

Banana, apple, grapefruit, oatmeal w/ berries, coffee.

Veg Spaghetti

So, I’ve been sharing photos of my meals each day for a few days now with a vegan relative. Given how much effort it takes me, I think I’m going to post them on my blog instead, which will post to facebook and still be accessible. It will also give me a nice archive to reflect back on, and perhaps sate people’s curiosity in the process. So, here was last night’s dinner:

Steamed veg, organic spag. w/ veg & mushroom ragu, asparagus, & merlot.

How Not To Die – Update

So I’m about half way through this book now. Made some dietary changes which were pretty easy for myself, and a few pending ones coming up soon. I’ve quit eating beef, pork, poultry, eggs and cheese. I am still drinking kefir (yogurt drink) but only have one quart left and then I’m stopping it (after almost two years, daily!).

Yesterday I had a tin of sardines with lunch, plus a glass of kefir, so I’m definitely not eating vegan, nor am I interested in becoming vegan. I think that my dietary changes going forward though will be compatible with a vegan lifestyle over 95% of the time. I just don’t want to be exclusive and hard core sticking to a vegan diet mostly due to society pressures and an interest in having meat from time to time. I am going to actively avoid all animal products as a general rule however. Continue reading “How Not To Die – Update”