Branches Drip With Ice

Branches drip with ice

Out beyond the window pane —

Beautiful and chilled.


New Years Thoughts

I’ve been doing a couple weeks of reflection on my use of social media. Should I keep blogging? Should I start a YouTube channel?

For now I plan to focus on my own practice and not to focus on sharing unless I have time. What this looks like for 2018 is:

  • Return to my Whole Foods plant based (WFPB) diet.
  • Return to daily walking exercise habit.
  • Return to daily Bible reading and prayer time.
  • New daily art goal (draw and/or paint).
  • New poetry goals; read/write/post haiku or other poetry.
  • New weekly urban sketch journal trip or fine art painting.
  • Renew my passport…

The Beginning of Autumn

The beginning of autumn:
A lamp from some-one’s house is seen;
It is not quite dark.


I read this haiku translation from Japanese and wondered if I would like it better in a modernized 5-7-5 format like this:

The start of autumn:
A lamp from a house is seen;
It is not quite dark.


I’m not sure I have a strong preference to be honest, but it was a fun exercise.