Henry VI Part Three

It has taken me a while to recover from reading the three part plays that make up Henry VI. I believe I was caught very off guard by the subject matter. Essentially the plots center around greed and hunger for power. The king is really one of the only redeeming characters and the majority of the nobles are scheming, back-stabbers and generally worthless human beings.

It also looks like the tale continues with Richard III and King John. I plan on reading these next. I also managed to squeeze in Julius Caesar, and it was more of the same, death, death and more death. It has been quite a sobering experience and not an expected one. I’m not really sure what I was expecting though. The quality of the writing is top notch and puts much modern writing to shame, which I suppose is what I was expecting. As for the content matter and plot… I know that some of the upcoming plays will pique my interest a bit more than these.

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