A Knight of the Seven Kingdoms

I have watched most of the Game of Thrones seasons over the years and found them intriguing. I particularly love how the story will abandon (kill off) major characters as an integral part of progressing the plot, and the characters and depictions of feudal life and politics are second to none. In that vein, I have also read the first novel a couple of times, and the second novel as well. Last year I bought all of the books on Audible and have been listening to the incredible performance by Roy Dotrice, who is unfortunately now deceased.

Suffice to say that this has been the closest thing I have found in fantasy writing to approach Tolkien, one of my favorite authors. In addition to the novels that make up the core Song of Ice and Fire, there are ancillary books and this one was a quick three part read about Dunk, a hedge knight. I found him interesting, and his tales very compelling. He is flawed in that he is not overly bright, but also he is a knight who takes his vows seriously, which seems to be a rare thing. His companion is a squire named Egg, and well I don’t want to reveal too much. Let’s just say he adds a lot of flavor to the three stories.

I’m sad that they are over now that I’ve read them, and I’ve plunged back into the main narratives to quench my thirst for more story. I hate to spoil this shorter work with too many details, and will end this with a strong recommendation to read through this novel on your own. As a final teaser, there are really great illustrations included which I found to be a fun addition.

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