Henry VI Part Two

I finished this last month but haven’t written for some reason. Anyways, I found this story to be quite depressing. It is full of nobles resorting to violence to take over and it is a kill or be killed story with little to redeem itself. I found my response to be a warm feeling towards pacifism and peaceful thinking.

The majority of the characters are despicable with the main exception of the king; who ironically is widely despised as weak. In a world where the strong survive and the weak suffer, it is interesting to see how this idea is flipped in regards to a king who should be the strongest man in the country. I’m already started on part III and will follow up in March when I finish it.

I did not have a favorite passage like I did in part one. In that one, there was an amazing scene with Talbot and his son John. A similar scene and dialogue were not repeated in quality in part two unfortunately. My favorite scene was when Iden stumbles upon Cade who is trespassing in his garden. They fight, Iden wins, and then when he realizes who it is he is killing he says:

Die, damned wretch, the curse of her that bare thee:
And as I thrust thy body in with my sword,
So wish I I might thrust thy soul to hell.

Good stuff. A nice insult at the death of an adversary. It would be admirable if it weren’t marred by the fact that it is one human slaying another. A true gem covered in blood. The same holds true for all of Henry VI part two.

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