Foundation and Earth

I have finally reached the chronological ending of Isaac Asimov’s three main series which began last summer with I, Robot. To be honest these final three books were quite entertaining. I was really apprehensive about finishing the series as there are no further books after this. I got a lot of closure, however, as the final book brings everything back to the Robot series and ties up many loose threads.

There still remains two prequel books to read. I’m still processing the story and am going to delay a bit before finishing the last two books maybe. Thinking back, the main character from these last two novels is my favorite of all of Asimov’s books that I’ve read so far. He’s decisive but unsure of why that is the case. And this drives him on a quest to figure out why he is the way he is. It just felt good, which isn’t always normal in sci-fi, and made the narrative feel more real. In fact, the technology gets pushed to the extremes of believability but the story carried it through.

So, I’ll finish the prequels soon enough and take a break from Asimov. I am currently reading Shakespeare’s first play, Henry VI, and it is fascinating and a nice change of pace. More soon!

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