Reflections on Second Foundation

A few days ago I finished the original Foundation trilogy by Isaac Asimov. The first two books were pretty good and Sinai was caught off guard by the excellent finish in the third book. It was easily my favorite of the three, mainly for how well it tied back to the prior works and also for the new additions brought up in it.

I find myself wrestling with where to fit Asimov into my ranking of favorite authors. I don’t think he is in the top ten, but he is not someone whose writing I dislike. This makes sense, I suppose, or I would not have read him for this long. This also reminds me, that after I finish the Foundation books, I also have one or two books of collections of Asimov I could look into.

Compared with the two preceding collections of books I agree with what I read before starting them all; that the Foundation books are his best works. I also enjoyed the Robot books but not nearly as much. In fact, I didn’t write this post until now because I was caught up immediately into the fourth book, Foundations Edge, and will be finishing it soon. A testament to the quality of this series.

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