Reflections on Foundation and Empire

I finished the second book in Isaac Asimov’s Foundation series. The style of relating a story across generations continues and I’m growing more accustomed to it and the newness of the idea has worn off, so to speak.

The unique thing in this book is that an individual antagonist is used more heavily throughout and also there is a surprise ending which I rather enjoyed. In fact, I had a nice mental segue where I set the book down on a few occasions to think through some of the happenings of the narrative.

I am continually tackling this stigma I have about reading novels. They seem daunting, and in the case of A Song of Ice and Fire and Tolkien I think that this holds true. However, in the case of Asimov his novels are a very quick read. It has made it nice to quickly read through a large chunk of his writings.

To wrap up, the second book was as good as the first and the third book picks up with a new mystery and a search for a hidden thing. It has been a nice read so far and not what I would describe as hard sci-fi, but rather pretty approachable and science concept light.


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