Reflections on iGen

So I finished reading the book iGen by Jean M. Twenge. As an educator in a public high school, there were not many surprises, but lots of clarification and data about why my students behave and believe the ways that they do. After Millenials, these are the newest younger generation, and the ones currently in school and the university scene (undergrad). Needless to say, this topic hits pretty close to home for me, and is a constant source of reflection for me on a daily basis.

I highly recommend this book, as it gives great insights into how young people today act, and is very helpful if you want to know how to interact with them better. It didn’t take me very long to read through, and I really appreciate the graphs that were used to illustrate trends, comparing iGen to those generations that preceded them. I also bought the author’s book about Millenials, called Generation Me, which was recently updated.

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