The Arts

I’ve spent the last seven months or so exploring watercolor. This month I’ve branched out into gouache as well (an opaque watercolor medium). I have always enjoyed drawing in pencil, and have tried drawing in ink once more. I’ve even revisited chalk pastels but didn’t enjoy them at the time, and I’ve toyed with the idea of other paint mediums, mainly acrylic and oil.

Two years ago I deleted my first blog of ten years, Discipulus Scripturae (RIP) in order to force myself to rebrand my blog and online presence around topics besides bible study, scripture, Greek, and Christian living; as those had been the initial topics of my blog, and towards the final few years I had spent a lot more time on photography, food and other miscellaneous topics.

Which leads to where I am now. On all social media platforms I have registered the Script and Verse name and am active under this name. I originally planned to continue religious topics (ie. verses of scripture, Bible study, etc) and also to pursue my desire to learn more about poetry and try my hand at writing it more often.

What I wasn’t expecting was to see my decade of pursuing photography to translate so easily into other art media. Composition, light and shadow, color and contrast… all of these things are universal principles of art, and I now recognize that these were aspects of art that I cultivated using photography, and now have as a general skill or knowledge base.

So, I am going to continue to post my art studies to social media in a visual format. I have for the time being dismissed the idea of starting a YouTube channel, though I came close to setting that as my major new year’s resolution for 2018… Instead I am focusing on my faith, family, and health as well as my job as an educator, my personal pursuits of arts, and finally reviving my blog.

To that end, I hope to start immersing myself in poetry again starting in February. I also have felt a artistic desire to incorporate poetry into my daily art habit. Perhaps not full poems, but maybe a stanza or three in response, or as a source of inspiration for my pieces. The Bible is also full of poetry, so there should be a bit of overlap between all of my major hobbies in this area. That was also the motivation behind selecting the name Script and Verse, as it alludes to poetry, writing, the Bible, and by implication, the arts.

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