July Reading

Refocusing blog on literature and writing. The Instagram experiment is going great and is a much better format for me to photoblog. You can follow me there @scriptandverse if you want to keep seeing my art posts. 

So to kick things off in July a quick update to my reading list. New sci-fi book titled “The Book of Strange New Things” and it has a pilot on Amazon called Oasis. Going to rewatch the pilot when I finish the book as both are good. 

Also re-reading a book of  poetry called “Love & Misadventure” by Lang Leav. Planning to share more poetry soon. Also an educator book called “How to Teach Like a Pirate” which I can tell will influence my classroom next year. 

Also reading a self help book called “Who Do You Think You Are?” by Mark Driscoll. Still. It is great but a lot to process. Finally in my Bible I am still working my way through the New Living Translation and hope to have read the whole bible in it by the end of 2017. Currently reading Hosea and 2 Thess. 


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