Dilemma Solved 

So I’ve been delaying posting while I come up with a solution to my latest problem with blogging. My goal is to blog regularly even multiple times a day. To do that I will need to use my phone. Which led to the problem of sharing photos on my blog and image hosting. After many attempts I have been unable to find a mobile image hosting solution. 

So I’m going around the problem and have also found a happy benefit of focusing my blog content around the title and my original purpose. I deleted my original biblioblog to force myself to blog about more diverse themes. Script and Verse is a play on words and is meant to discuss poetry, writing, the Bible and other word based formats in my life. So my solution…

Instagram. I will be moving my photoblog content to it and focusing my blig content to my original idea. This should help with the random ideas here. I can focus on text based content at this space and image based content on my Instagram account @scriptandverse 

More soon! Happy to have this dilemma resolved. It only took me a month haha. 


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