Rhythm For a Blog

So I’ve not found a good mobile solution for image hosting. Everything uploads via my blog and I will eventually hit my cap and need to buy upgrades. 

I think this will help me focus on only posting smaller quantities of better images. However it will ruin my newly developing habit of posting frequent images.

So the trade off… I guess it is not important to me to pay for hosting more images. If I want to host a lot I can just funnel them through Flickr like I always have done. Which will require my chrome book. Just no major image sharing via mobile. 

Which leads me to this thought. I really would rather my blog consist mostly of text anyways. And I’m not opposed to funneling my images through a third party host.  If the result is better content it’s for the best I think. Already missing the idea of frequent image pushes each day. 

So moving forward I will try to post mainly text content and thoughts. I am already antsy to post about poetry and some spiritual ideas so this is probably a good time for this sort of evaluation.  If I can develop a blog posting habit again I will probably get the willpower to post outside of my phone for images specifically and then problem solved. 


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