Fasting for the First Time

For my entire life I have known about the spiritual practice of fasting. I have fasted partially a few times before but I don’t recollect doing a 24 hour fast like this before now. 

We are taking a group from our church on a local missions trip to help out a church in Illinois. We will be gone for four days and I am really excited to be stretched and to spend time being challenged and forming relationships with people. And helping is always fun. 

Mark challenged the group to take a day to fast from food and devote that time to extra prayer and bible reading. I’ve been able to do that today and it has been very rewarding. I also felt freed up to spend more time with my kids and get some household chores done to help my wife. 

The day isn’t even over yet and I am already thinking about making this a weekly or monthly practice. Perhaps just when I feel really compelled.  Not sure, but it has been enlightening and I feel a small sense of accomplishment at this minor meal sacrificed for a spiritual goal. 


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