Urban Watercolor Sketching

Reading through a book with this title. I’m familiar with the technique and after some internet research I realized how new it is and also that it is largely an online community driven art style. I’m intrigued to say the least. 

I’ve made some ink and watercolor drawings already. I decided to start with a bistro in Paris that I found using Google maps street view.  I’ll share more images soon.

First urban drawing using ink and watercolor. About an hour.
The initial ink sketch took about 10 minutes.
The source image from Google maps.

2 thoughts on “Urban Watercolor Sketching

    1. Sure. The technique is to find a scene and sketch with a pen. I think this one was Faber castell Pitt ink pen. I have a bunch so I’m not sure.

      Then just go through and add in the paint. I spent the most effort trying to get the three people right. I can show more process stuff in the future.

      To find the scene I just dragged the google street view guy all over Paris until I found a scene that inspired me. Think I might give Moscow a try next…


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