July Update

Things have been really busy this summer. I have read dozens of books, and in order to make time for them all, I decided to take a break from blogging and several other hobbies. There has been a lot of yard work and school preparation in addition to reading and exercising.

Most of the books I’ve read have been around the theme of diet and lifestyle, as well as a healthy dose of biochemistry and a smattering of philosophy. I finished a great religious book and also started reading The Iliad.

I’m also still eating a primarily vegetarian diet. Everyone I know eats typical American food, so when I am with other people I sometimes forego my diet and have foods cooked by friends that might have a bit of oil in them or some egg, etc. Generally though, I’m eating a strictly vegetable diet with no added oils the vast majority of the time.

Current trend in food is that I’m trying out barley for the first time, and thinking about consuming mostly starches. This means fewer fruits and vegetables and more grains and potatoes, etc. Also, I haven’t lost much weight in the past month, and I think I put too much credibility into comments that you don’t have to worry about overeating on a healthy diet like mine. My body disagrees, and so I’m cutting back on calories once more.

Final note, I went to a summer camp as a counselor last week. Will make a separate post about it later I think. Also, after some yardwork yesterday I’ve contracted poison ivy… so itchy, bleh.


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