Diet & Exercise Success

Last summer I began a diet and exercise regiment that led to me losing fifty pounds and going from obese to merely overweight by the fall. This is based on BMI, which is a decent benchmark, and my goal for this summer is to go from overweight down to a healthy, normal weight, with a BMI below 25. I’m currently around a 27, so much better than the 35 I was at a year ago this month.

My routine had been to walk off the weight. I walked on average about 8 miles a day in July, August, and October of last year, which was when I lost about 40 of the pounds. I also cleaned up my diet a bit, eating lots of summer garden produce, and lowering my caloric intake below 2,000. I did try to make it into the gym a couple of days a week for the summer months, as well as swim regularly.

Yesterday marked two full weeks of meeting my exercise goals for the month of June. I have been able to walk 20,000+ steps a day (tracking with a Fitbit) which is a minimum of 9 miles walked a day. I have also gone to the gym 5 or 6 times, as well as done quite a bit of yard work and other physical labor, plus swimming in the pool almost every day.

It is exciting to meet these increased goals. I checked, and I’m currently walking 5,000 steps a day more, or 1-2 miles more than I did last summer when I lost most of the weight. I have so far averaged losing a pound every two days, like I had last summer, so it looks like I will be able to successfully bring down my body mass to a normal range.

I have noticed my legs losing the last of their fat already. Last summer my calves lost all of their fat, and this summer it appears the remaining fat on my thighs will be gone by the end of the month. The last hold out is the belly fat and love handles, my targets for this summer, as they constantly untucked my dress starts this past school year, which is extremely annoying…

I’ve also started noticing some gains in the gym. After ten months of avoiding the gym, I lost most of my gains from last summer, and basically have started over. Now that I am working where I live, I should have some time to hit the gym at least 2-3 times a week with no commute robbing me of time. We will see if I can maintain this during the school year.

Finally, I have been changing my diet once again. I am now fairly strictly adhering to a pescetarian diet, and trying to eat as many whole foods which are plant based as possible. I have taken some care to purchase about half a dozen books about diet and nutrition. They do not appear to be diet fads, and mostly by doctors and researchers who are advocating for a plant based and/or whole foods diet.

I will blog about them separately as I work through them this summer. I have had to cut back on my poetry reading and biographies in order to clear up time to read this health books. Fortunately they also tie directly into some of my coursework for the next school year, so I am also coming up with ideas for lessons while also improving my long term diet.


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