Reading Goals

Suddenly I am confronted by the very real possibility that my summer will flash by with all of the things I’d like to get done around the house, and at work. This could mean that my reading goals will go unmet. So… I will at least try to finish reading the several books that I have already started.

I know I will finish one this month, that I’ve been reading with my friend Mark. We’ve selected our next book too, Cost of Discipleship by D. Bonhoeffer. I’ve meant to read it for years, but never have. Interestingly, when I brought it up with Mark, he had read something that morning which reference the book, so, that will take up a summer/fall reading slot.

I think I need to get back to posting poetry. I’m reading it still, but not blogging it very often. I’ve noticed my approach is a bit different when selecting something to post, compared to just reading. I like the exercise, so I think I’ll find something cheery to post before I head off to bed.

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