New Job

This week I’ve started cleaning up my new classroom. It is a former shop area with lots of dust bunnies due to the openness of the room and lots of industrial looking HVAC stuff, etc. I also have started sorting, moving furniture around, and generally cleaning up after students. Tomorrow I’m going to try to get some tables in place so I can unload the cabinets, clean, and then put things back so I know where it all goes.

There is a lot of space, so it will be a fun challenge trying to figure out what to do with it all. My first idea is to surround the walls with tables so I have more counter top type of space and it can be used for science fair displays and experiments and so on. On a day to day basis that sort of set up could hold textbooks or be places for students to work individually away from the group tables.

I also need to figure out where the lens papers are so I can start cleaning up the microscopes. There are a lot of them lying around and I want to get them safely stored away. So much to do, and I haven’t even gotten to the general cleaning of surfaces that will have to happen after the clutter is moved around. I think I’ll post a picture once I get things cleaned up in a week or two.

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