Art With Pencils

This summer I’m going to pick up my drawing and sketching hobby again. I started last night by experimenting with some different types of pencils. Some, pure graphite, others a mix of pigment and graphite both. I also used some pure colored pencils to go over the top of my graphite sketches and help flesh them out a bit. It was quite fun, and I tried to focus mostly on proportions in figure sketching. Also, I wrapped up my drawing with the discovery that most of my graphite pencils are MIA, so I will have to track them down.


5 thoughts on “Art With Pencils

  1. Very cool, I’m also starting to draw again. I went on a cartooning course a couple of weeks ago, and am starting another 5 week evening course in June. I plan on blogging about my sketches and posting some on Instagram. You should check out the free course “28 to Make” on, I’ll be starting it on Monday.

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  2. I’ve drawn the past two days with the kids. Think I’ll try to keep it up daily, for practice. I’m trying to get away from sketching and into more single line art drawing. It’s hard!

    Going to look into your suggestion now. Let me know your blog URL when you have it up and running.


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