Role Playing Games

One year ago I pretty much gave up a major past time, which was playing video games. The only games I really play any more are card games and board games with my family, and role playing games.

My role playing game of choice is Dungeons & Dragons, and I have a few places where I play it currently. I mostly serve as a game master when I play, and have spent most of the past year and a half playing the new fifth edition (5e) of D&D.

My brother mentioned recently that he now mostly plays a newer gaming system called Shadow of the Demon Lord. It’s a horror fantasy style game. What is really interesting to me is watching how the creator, Robert Schwalb, DMs his own game.

Essentially, Schwalb puts the story elements first, and seldom gets hung up on game mechanics. He also has an rather interesting dark humor approach to his games. I’m going to try to emulate the speed of his story telling in my future games.

More on this as I modify my 5e D&D games, and especially if I try out this new system.

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