Books Finished

So I have spent a big chunk of my free time reading many books. I have neglected blogging, poetry, and a few other past times in order to get more reading done. I have missed the reflection aspect of blogging during this time, but I feel really great about having finished reading four books in less than a month, a major accomplishment. 

I completed a fantasy fiction trilogy set in the D&D universe of Dragonlance. However, even more interesting is a book about the brain called A Student’s Brain by Kathie F Nunley. I knew all of the biology about the brain already, but was missing some crucial details about the function of the brain. She has another book about Layered Curriculum, which I am now about half way finished with, that will be fundamental in my refining of how I teach.

Savage Beauty has been mentioned on my blog before, a biography about poet Edna St. Vincent Millay. It is a much longer read, and I am in the second half of it now finally. I have learned about her childhood, college years, and then post college years. Currently I am working through her illnesses and early marriage years, including time spent in Europe. I believe the end of the book will get into her old age and WWII poetry. Still a fascinating read and I highly recommend this book.

Besides these, I have two other books that I am still working on, so you can see that quite a bit of my free time is now devoted to reading. However, I miss blogging too much, so I am going to try to get back to my more frequent, short blog posts again, which were enjoyable, but apparently need a bit more commitment from me to happen.


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