Stumbled across a post about Becoming Antifragile last night. It is based on a book, and had a couple of interesting thoughts that jumped out at me. Instead of being fragile, or even resilient, become antifragile. In other words, actively become stronger under the stresses of life.

He mentioned minimalism, and a potential downside, instead encouraging redundancy and survival, which both increase strength and reduce fragility. Interesting timing, since I’m looking at minimizing my stuff, and a reminder not to go too far by having a bit of redundancy and a thought towards survival… whatever that means.

The other idea is one of via negativa, or reduce habits and things that are negative, not just add positive habits. Trim bad things. I’ve been successful in this regard for food. Bad food and drink are gone, but my main issue there is now over consumption of healthy calories. I am getting ready to get back on the exercise bandwagon now that spring is approaching.

Part of this becoming successful will be going to bed sooner and getting up sooner to walk. I had been walking 5-15 miles a day last summer, and now currently walk about 2-4 miles a day. I guess the big habit I need to remove now is reading online and streaming movies. Both of these things suck my time to read my increasing stack of books, as well as rob me of sleep.


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