With the recent warming of the weather I have started putting away some of my winter clothing. Also, I have done some reading about men’s wardrobes for the spring and summer. In this process I stumbled across the concept of a minimalist wardrobe. One example is Project 333. For an entire season (3 months), participants are to select only 33 items to wear for the whole season. Things like workout clothes, socks, and underwear are excluded, but it would be a big challenge to try this out I think.

This ended up leading me towards minimalist lifestyle philosophies in general, not just clothing, and has been an interesting counterpoint to the rampant consumerism in our society. I plan to blog about this topic again in the future as I have more time to digest what I’ve been reading. It is hard to escape the advertising and constant pressure to buy more things, but I think with an intentional lifestyle and decision to live minimally, with less stuff, one could take control of this aspect of life. I also plan to seek out minimalism philosophies in the Bible, and cross reference those with the other ideas I’ve been reading about this month. Should be fun!


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