Fountain Pens

For long as I’ve been a teacher (8 years) I have been trying to find better quality pens. A few years ago I stumbled onto the idea of fountain pens. I sort of blew them off, and am not really interested in calligraphy. In any case, during a week long break from school due to snow days, I spent some time looking into fountain pens again and ended up getting a few of them. They are Pilot Metropolitans, and have fine, medium and italic nibs. I really like the italic nibs the best because they give a 3D like appearance to my handwriting, and really show off the inks.

Yeah, I buy ink in a bottle now, it’s great! There is a lifetime ahead of me of trying out different ones. I stuck with a traditional selection for starters, from Waterman, because they are supposed to be rock solid in performance as well as providing good color, and I found their reputation to be accurate. Add ink to the list of things from France that I really enjoy. A funny thing, one of the most popular ink brands is called Noodlers. My first purchase from them is going to be this reddish orange ink that I know will look fabulous, but maybe for my birthday, since I have plenty for now.

Finally, this has brought to the forefront the terrible nature of my horrible handwriting. It has been a bastardization of cursive meets printing that I write down as fast as possible. If there is something I could improve on as a teacher, it is the quality (read: legibility) of my handwriting on my digital board. So, since buying the pens, I have forced myself to begin writing in proper cursive script, and I even included this singular goals as half of my blog’s name to keep me accountable to this goal.

I really enjoy pens, writing, and now fountain pens in particular. I am starting to view inks as an art medium in their own right, and so my penmanship is now an important thing to me. I am happy to report that my cursive has returned, and though in it’s infancy, is improving. After Valentine’s Day I’ll try for a follow up post with some images of what I’m talking about, but this should do for an introduction.


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