Polarr Photo Editor

My last post was about using Edmodo in my classroom. I am an amateur photographer and host a photography club for my school, though right now participation is extremely low. In any case, I have several DSLRs and various lenses that I can use in my classroom and for the club. I took some images of student work and students in action doing labs and working on poster activities today.

I found myself needing to edit some photos so that I could upload them to Edmodo. Enter Polarr. I did a quick Chrome web store search for photo editors and this one was highly rated. It is like a simpler, harder to use version of Lightroom, but I figure it out really fast and was able to crop, edit and export photos very quickly. I have also installed this app to my personal Chromebook at home and think it will enable me to get back into my photography hobby.

One of the biggest drawbacks for me (besides lack of funds to buy more equipment) is that it takes a significant amount of time to transfer photos from my DSLR to my laptop, fire up Lightroom, import photos, edit, export, and then upload to the internet. If I approach my photography from a more cloud-based model, for blog and social media, then I can simply pop my memory card from the camera, right into the chromebook, import to Polarr, edit, and export/upload very quickly. I’m talking a few minutes versus nearly a half of an hour.

So, one of my goals for this year was to renew my photography hobby. I think I’ve found the solution. I’ll be sure to blog some photos as things pick up. Next step is to get out my camera, make sure the battery is charged, and start taking photos.


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