We had a professional development workshop on Monday. During this time, we had a great book study conversation as well as a training on using technology. This last session included more information on how to use Edmodo.com and I have implemented the use of this site into each of my classrooms yesterday and today. Let’s call it a major success so far, and I have really found a lot of utility in using this site. It is extremely fast to use, and this single factor is probably why I am actually bothering to use it. 

Essentially Edmodo is similar to Facebook in the GUI, with social functions, ability to link to documents, and a nice calendar/planner feature. There is also quiz/assignment and grade functions that I may or may not use, but for now the increased communication is really great. I’ll probably post about this from time to time as I make better use of it. Today I was able to quickly snap some photos of student work and students learning and then immediately post them to my Edmodo page. Very neat and fun.


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