New Routines

There is so much energy required to establish and stick to new routines. I don’t know why kicking a bad habit and starting new ones is so hard, but it is a significant source of stress for me. I have had a lot of success at creating plans of action, but implementing them has usually been a problem. The past eight months have been some of the most disciplined in my life, and also the most life-changing. However, here in the dead of winter I’m sitting at a lull and find myself suddenly ready for spring and renewing my commitment to changes.

My book reading plan for yesterday failed. I thought I was going to read a short book in a single day, but it ended up being a devotional style of book that is meant to be read in small increments on a daily basis, whoops! So, I’ve put it up and am going to get back into Dante’s Divine Comedy again. Also, reducing the number of books I’m actively trying to read has reduced my mental stress as well, so that is definitely my plan moving forward. I’ll try to start blogging a bit with some reflections on my reading. I’ve neglected to do so for now, but will start that process here soon.


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