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I began blogging with WordPress back in 2008. After starting my career in education, however, I gradually backed off of my post frequency. There was a brief renewal for a year when I made a second photoblog for my school photography club, but otherwise I really haven’t blogged for the past five years or so. Over the holidays, I reflected on the status of my two former blogs and finally made the hard decision to delete them.

This new endeavor is part of a new chapter in my life, and I really want to focus on journaling as a form of self reflection, and perhaps interact with a community online once again. I am going to blog about my interests. Everything from art, religion, politics, fashion, entertainment and so on will be fair game. I will likely blog over similar content to the past. Particularly photography, books, food, and various religious topics, including particulars about the Bible, as well as philosophies and worldviews.

One of my final goals that I set for myself before I quit blogging was to micro blog. That is, to make much more frequent, yet brief, posts. I have converted my teaching style to be one of mini-lessons, and I think the approach suits itself well to blog content. So, with this introduction I will conclude with a quote from something I am currently reading, the Enchiridion:

Of things some are in our power, and others are not. In our power are opinion, movement toward a thing, desire, aversion; and in a word, whatever are our own acts: not in our power are body, property, reputation, offices, and in a word, whatever are not our own acts. And the things in our power are by nature free, not subject to restraint nor hindrance: but the things not in our power are weak, slavish, subject to restraint, in the power of others.

~ Epictetus


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